Isla Nutbrown

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The Silence of Clouds is a true story of Isla, a young actor who is fulfilling her dream of theatrical success, when suddenly her life is changed forever. While trekking in South America, Isla is abducted at gunpoint,  bound and gagged, raped and left for dead. Against the odds she battles her way barefoot over twenty miles of mountainous terrain in the dark, crawling and praying her way through the longest night, back to civilization. 

The violation ricochets through Isla's life. Fear and alienation take over her days and the nights are fuelled by insomnia. Her relationship ends, she can no longer act and she is soon on the brink of a fatal breakdown. But when Isla meets Sal, a cockney market trader, an unusual friendship is born helping Isla to heal the wounds of her past. 

The Silence of Clouds is a book about trauma, betrayal, love and hope. It's a story of strength, the beauty of friendship, and the joy of taking a leap into the unknown.